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World Fisheries Trust is proud to offer a wide variety of very engaging, hands-on and place-based educational programs. These are designed to build  responsible and informed environmental stewards, as well as foster life-long learning and all of the core competencies of the new BC curriculum: communication, critical thinking, personal and social development. Our education programs use the local marine environment as a tool to allow youth to experience elements of the natural world through an individualized and inquiry-based approach to teaching, incorporating themes of environmental awareness, interconnectedness, and sense of community.

Our programs cater to all learning levels and styles: we adjust our material to fit the specific requirements of any age group and special learning needs. We are happy to adapt to best fit your curriculum and interests.

Note. We encourage teachers to take advantage of longer, more economical program lengths by combining with other classes in the school, giving more students the opportunity to take part in the programs.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250-380-7585 to speak to our educators 


British Columbia is home to a wide variety of marine animals, and we invite students to discover the biodiversity of our coast through our hands-on introductory program. Our marine educators will bring a large collection of marine species right to your classroom, giving students the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. Students are challenged to consider the similarities and differences between animal groups and think about adaptations for defense against predators, feeding, locomotion, and reproduction. More advanced students will be introduced to topics such as classification, nomenclature, and evolutionary processes, while learning about the anthropogenic actions that threaten the marine life of our coasts.  

Cost:      1 hour: $100 - registered Seaquaria schools; $125 - non Seaquaria schools

               2 hour: $175 - registered Seaquaria schools; $200 - non Seaquaria schools

               3 hour: $225 - registered Seaquaria schools; $250 - non Seaquaria schools

Seaquaria Program


All animals have a role to play in ocean ecosystems - including you! Our educators bring our collection of marine animals right to your school to introduce students to the functional diversity within marine ecosystems. We challenge students to consider the importance of each and every marine creature - from phytoplankton to great white shark - their role in the food web, and their connection to environmental processes and each other. Our objective is to provide a deeper understanding of ocean ecosystems, including the many connections between land and sea, while empowering students to develop a greater understanding of their own role and how they can protect our oceans.

Cost:      1 hour: $100 - registered Seaquaria schools; $125 - non Seaquaria schools

               2 hour: $175 - registered Seaquaria schools; $200 - non Seaquaria schools

               3 hour: $225 - registered Seaquaria schools; $250 - non Seaquaria schools



Our watershed program brings students to the Gorge Waterway Nature House, in Esquimalt Gorge Park, and introduces youth to the concept of a watershed, the characteristics of the Gorge Waterway, and identification of the ways that we, as humans, interact with and impact our watersheds. This program features an interactive demonstration using our newly reconstructed 3D watershed model, a guided nature walk along the Gorge Creek, and an introduction to water quality monitoring on the Gorge. Students will be challenged to think about their role in limiting human impacts on the Gorge Waterway and its unique and diverse life forms. The watershed program is a perfect bridge between classroom learning and real world issues in the community. 

Cost:       1.5 hour: $150 - registered Seaquaria schools; $175 - non Seaquaria schools

GWNH Program


Marine intertidal zones are incredibly diverse and dynamic areas of the ocean, and we believe the best way to learn about them is to be there! Our intertidal programs get youth outside to experience the beach first hand. Students will engage in transect and quadrant beach sampling, just like real field marine scientists, and observe interactions between living organisms and their environment. Our objective is to introduce participants with the dominant inhabitants of rocky shores, adaptations of marine organisms in the intertidal, and the common physical and chemical challenges faced by intertidal organisms in their everyday life. This is an excellent way to familiarize students with the marine environments in their own backyards and to become knowledgeable stewards in their own community.

Cost:       2 hour: $175 - registered Seaquaria schools; $200 - non Seaquaria schools



Are you planning a community celebration or an event focussed on environment awareness and conservation issues? Let us bring the ocean to you with our Mobile Seaquarium - an interactive touch tank that gives your community an up-close and personal encounter with marine creatures great and small.   Our marine educators will bring a large diversity of ocean animals from our local shores and facilitate related activities to promote environmental awareness, marine education, and community stewardship. Always a crowd-pleaser, our Mobile Seaquaria enhances learning while providing a truly unique and memorable experience.

Cost: Varies per event - please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss 

GO Grants

We strongly encourage educators to explore funding options through GO Grants, generously offered by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. GO Grants provide field trip grants for K-12 classes and schools in B.C. toward transportation, project materials and program fees that support outdoor, hands-on learning in and about nature. This is a great way for teachers to fund a program through World Fisheries Trust! We had 3 schools apply for GO Grants last year and they were all successful. We are more than happy to help schools get starting in the application process and provide guidance throughout.

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