International Projects

World Fisheries Trust is honored to have worked with organizations around the world. Our international projects have focused on small-scale aquaculture development, developing community based management, and improving food security for vulnerable people.

Our Current International Portfolio

Amazon Fish for Food (2011-2018)

Our Past International Portfolio

Gente da Maré (People of the Tides) Project (2008-2011)

Global Citizenship in Fisheries and Aquaculture (2008)

5th International Fisheries Observer Conference (2007)

Brazil Inland Fisheries: Sustainable Livelihoods and Conservation (2003-2007)

Aquatic Resources and Development (2004-2007)

Expert Workshop on Comparative Environmental Costs of Aquaculture (2006)

Expert Workshop on Status and Trends in Aquatic Genetic Resources (2006)

Migratory Fishes of South America: Biology, Fisheries and Conservation Status (2003)

Blue Genes: Access to Aquatic Genetic Resources in Indigenous and Local Communities (2003)

Biodiversity Effects of Mariculture (2002)

Revised Program of Work on Inland Water (2002)

Model Policy on Aquatic Genetic Resources (1998-2002)

The Blue Millennium Project: Managing Fisheries for Biodiversity (2001)

Brazil Migratory Fish Conservation (1999-2001)

Development of an Aquatic Animal Diversity Information and Communication System (2000)

The Impact of Dams on Fish, Fisheries and the Environment (1999-2000)

Action Before Extinction: An International Workshop on Fish Genetic Conservation (1998)