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We are searching for outgoing and knowledgeable volunteer educators to assist with the delivery of school programs, tank monitoring and/or ecological monitoring. Volunteers will gain valuable experience and workplace skills in childhood education, environmental not for profits, and marine biology. There is a potential to grow within the organization, and we always strive to connect volunteers with interesting opportunities and various community initiatives. This is a group of people you want to get involved with!            

The Seaquaria Education Assistant will:

  • Provide hands-on and inquiry based learning for students of all ages;
  • Assist with educational programs at the Gorge Waterway Nature House, in schools, and at beaches;
  • Educate youth on the vast biodiversity along our coast and the role these animals (and the students themselves!) have in ocean ecosystems;
  • Educate youth on the concept of a watershed and interconnectivity.

Further volunteering opportunities include:

  • Olympia oyster monitoring (adult surveys, reefball monitoring, spat count, etc.);
  • Herring monitoring (organizing data, creel surveys, etc.);
  • Cutthroat trout monitoring (organizing citizen scientists, habitat work, etc.);
  • Monitoring an information blog/bulletin (issues around plastics, the urban marine environment, etc.).

While no experience is necessary, prior knowledge of marine organism diversity, ecosystem functions, and experience with children are an asset!