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Up the CreekTM Board Game (1998)

WFT developed the Up The CreekTM board game to engage players - young and old - in the life of salmon and what they experience during their migration.

Salmon are particularly important to the coastal economy, culture and ecosystems of BC. However, many salmon stocks are dwindling drastically, in a large part due to things humans are doing. Salmon are particularly sensitive to these impacts, as they depend on a variety of different environments during their migration. As such, they are exceptional indicators of intertwined oceanic, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems.

Turning the tide on disappearing salmon requires changes in human behaviour, and a large part of creating this change is education, engagement, and action.

WFT developed Up The CreekTM to engage players (ages 12 - adult) in the life of salmon and what their migration experience. Up The CreekTM takes players into the dangerous world of six real-life British Columbia salmon runs: Dean River steelhead, Chilko River Chinook, Morice River pink, Kitimat River Coho, Skeena River chum, and Bowron River sockeye. As one of these runs, the goal is simple: avoid extinction. To do so, players have plenty of hazards waiting for them.

The hazards are real, because Up The CreekTM was developed with help from real fisheries biologists, fishermen and First Nations.

Since 1998, WFT has sold or donated 1,000 games throughout North America and the world. An eight-page Teachers' Guide, sponsored by BC Hydro, was produced by WFT in 2000 and was distributed free with the game.

 With support from the Vancouver Foundation, Thrifty Foods, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the BC Ministry of Fisheries, and the McLean Foundation.


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