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Volunteers are a vital part of World Fisheries Trust, and we strive to ensure all volunteers find the right fit in our organization. If you are interested, sign up to our Volunteer Newsletter below, and we will send you additional information right away.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Seaquaria Ocean Educator

  • Provide hands-on and inquiry based learning for students of all ages;
  • Assist with educational programs at the Gorge Waterway Nature House, in schools, and at beaches;
  • Educate youth on the vast biodiversity along our coast and the role these animals (and the students themselves!) have in ocean ecosystems;
  • Interact with marine invertebrates and other organisms;
  • Attend community events representing WFT and Seaquaria

Research Assistant

  • Conduct summer oyster surveys, including assisting with the preparation and deployment of seasonal oyster stakes;
  • Assess oyster shell areas using Image J software;
  • Assist with oyster reefball deployment in July and monitoring throughout the summer;
  • Conduct subtidal (diving/snorkeling) oyster surveys;
  • Conduct Dungeness crab surveys to assess predation pressures;
  • Prepare outreach and education materials;
  • Attend community events representing WFT

Nature House Interpreter (Seasonal)

  • Provide assistance and information about the local area;
  • Lead nature walks, touch tank demonstrations, watershed demonstrations and other interactive activities
  • Develop education programs and activities within the park;
  • Operating a small concession stand and resource store;
  • Assist with planning and hosting events at the Nature House and in the community;
  • Keep and create documentation and records for reports.

If interested, email gorgewaterway@gmail.com directly.

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